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Recruiting the right people... The ability to serve our client's needs requires that we have employees available with various skills at all times.

In addition to the traditional classified newspaper advertising and radio highlights, we also work closely with your local and state One Stop offices, local colleges, universities, vocational schools and business networking.

If you have a need for skills or experience that we can't immediately provide, we apply full-time effort to recruitment, saving you costly time.

Screening and Hiring:
Each applicant is pre-screened by our office.

Two forms of state identification are required for immigration purposes.

We are a drug-free workplace!

Payroll Service:
Payroll Service is a colloquial term in the temporary help industry that describes a situation whereby the customer, rather than the temporary help company, recruits an individual and asks the temporary help company to consider employing the individual and assigning him or her to the customer on a temporary basis. Once hired by the temporary help company, the "payrolled" employee's employment relationship with the temporary help company is the same as any other temporary employee. Hiring of that temporary need not follow our normal policy of 400 hours (30 days required). Your invoice (or charge) rate includes:
* Worker's Compensation
* Unemployment
* Liability Insurance
* Payroll Taxes (FICA, Federal, State, City)

   Additional Benefits
  •  We can set up a drug screen/physical at the facility of your choice.
  •  Resume Consulting
  •  Employment Consulting
  •  Orientation Brochure
  •  Strong civic and community relationships
  •  24 hour – 7 days a week company and employee support

There are many good reasons why nine out of ten U.S. companies now use a temporary help service. Today's cost conscious managers are becoming more aware of the financial benefits of using temporary help services over hiring their own employees.

 Customers save on fringe benefits.

 Customers save on the high price of absenteeism.

 Customers save on turnover and recruitment costs.

 Customers like the "try before you hire" concept.

 Customers save during low business periods. Use temporary help on an "as needed" basis.


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